Grand Rapids

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  1. New York Times 52 Places to Visit in 2016
  2. The #1 USA Travel Destination in 2014
  3. Beer City USA
  4. Home to one of the globe's top five festivals
  5. Top Ten Emerging City in the U.S. - Global Trade

"The Milken Institute has ranked Grand Rapids, Michigan number 25 on its annual list of the best performing cities in America. The report includes the top 200 largest cities in the nation, and Grand Rapids was the only city in the Midwest to rank in the top 25." The Milken Institue

"It’s a very high quality of life, particularly for a city that has a high concentration of large employers," says Kristopher Larson, president of Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. "It’s got environmental amenities, with a river and close access to a lake. It’s got good schools... and it’s almost unfair how affordable the [housing] pricing is. You can get into a very decent place within 2 miles of downtown for still under $100,000."  FORBES