• "Will Howson Listened to everything that I was looking for in a house and found it, not only did he find the house I thought was the right house for me but he then found an even better house that was perfect for me. He went above and beyond in every task that needed to get done and worked around the  clock on items that were not even necessarily part of his job description. An example would be him driving 13 hours straight in order to make sure the deal did not fall through, all while asking for nothing in return. He treats you as a friend not as commission like other realtors, he wants what is best for you and does not take his personal gain into account in the slightest. If you are looking for a house in the greater Kalamazoo area and you do not use Will Howson as your realtor that will be the first and potentially most crucial mistake you will make during your hunt for a new home" Cody

  • "Will sold our house for us! He was available to consult whenever we needed him. If he didn't have the answer for us, he found out from someone who did. He is easy to work with and gave thoughtful advice. I would definitely do business with him in the future." Andy and Katrina
  • "Smooth and professional. Will identified a suitable property kept the process on track, kept us fully informed and moved us quickly to closing. He is fully aware of the needs of property investors and available when needed." - Investor Client